Tom Hanks Has Audience In Stitches When He Rushes Stage To Distract From Medical Emergency


People know Tom Hanks for many things – his acting, philanthropy, long-lasting marriage and sweet children are just a few of his most significant accomplishments. But now he’s spending what little free time he has giving back to the people who need it the most. Instead of lounging around on some private beach or jetting off to an unknown land, Tom is acting in a charitable production of Shakespeare’s “Henry VIII” for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He wanted to give back to our brave men and women – and he wanted to do so using his passion! While Tom planned on using his acting to entertain the veterans, he had no idea that he’d have to use it to help divert the audience’s attention after an emergency…

The debacle began when a member of the audience experienced a medical emergency during the play. Everyone was distraught by the stranger’s poor condition, and it seemed as though their night at the theater was over – but then good ol’ Tom Hanks jumped into action. While staying in character, Tom exclaimed, “God has decided this play needed a second intermission!” He then went on to pull an unsuspecting member from the audience. What in the world was Tom up to?

He jokingly screamed at the woman as he planted her on a chair center stage, “You drunken fool! Have a seat. Or as they say in Elizabethan times, ‘Park it, babe.'” He went on for several minutes, laughing with the participant and horsing around with the rest of the audience. Take a peek at Tom’s witty intervention in the video below. Without his quick thinking, the play easily could’ve been a disaster and the veterans would’ve left disappointed. Thankfully, rest of the play went off without a hitch and the ill person was later released from the hospital!