Traffic Inspector Finds Abandoned Piano


A poor abandoned brown wooden piano tipped back against a young slender tree in the misty rain. It looked lonely but it wouldn’t be for long.

A man wearing a traffic warden uniform strolls around the street corner and spies the piano. He looks around then walks up to it.

He plunks on the keys a bit with one hand, then adds his right hand to the bass line. The next thing he does blows us away.

As traffic whizzes by, the traffic warden begins tickling the ivories, banging out a boogie woogie tune. An ambulance goes roaring by with its lights flashing and sirens blaring, but it doesn’t phase him any.

Oftentimes we find ourselves surprised when we learn of other people’s hidden talents. But as it turns out, this traffic warden really is professional pianist Brendan Kavanagh, known professionally as Dr. K.

A proponent of public performances, Dr. K shares his God-given talent with the world as his media company records the public performance and shares it on his YouTube channel. This performance in particular has drawn praise from YouTube fans who love what he’s doing.

The light rain doesn’t deter Dr. K from performing his spectacular song. Neither does the traffic bustling by.

The bill of his hat protects his glasses from getting too wet and his hands don’t have to leave the keys to wipe them dry. This costume was a good selection for such a rainy day.

So was the uplifting music he selected. Boogie woogie is a musical genre that became quite popular in the late 1920s.

According to, this music genre originated in Texas and then the pianists took it with them to the then-bustling music meccas such as Chicago and St. Louis.

While many believe boogie woogie is limited to just the piano, it can be used to accompany singers or in small combination groups. It is a fun and upbeat style that many people enjoy.

Watch Dr. K’s disguised performance along a busy street in the video below. You’ll love the song he selects to play.