I’ve heard this 1964 song countless times, but the way he sang it sent shivers down my spine


Featured below is one of the best covers of Simon & Garfunkel you will ever hear. It was performed by Disturbed on the Conan O’Brien show. Disturbed is an American alternative metal band from Chicago, Illinois that has managed to gather lots of fans with their music. In 2015, they recorded a Simon & Garfunkel classic for their album “Immortalized”. But they had no idea about the impact their cover was going to leave.

Because of their unique rendition, they managed to gain lots of new fans. Their version was also appreciated by Paul Simon himself. Simon also ended up sharing a link of Disturbed’s performance on Conan on his own Facebook page. He called it “wonderful”. Both the performance and the official song have received a lot of appreciation from fans and critics alike. You are going to be just as impressed when you see them for yourself!

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