I’ve never seen “Amazing Grace” performed like this before! A beautiful pan flute rendition


Pan flutes—also known as pan pipes, or syrinx—are a popular instrument in Asia, parts of Europe, and throughout the Americas. It is made of a series of wooden tubes, and is generally reserved for folk music. Peru is particularly well-renowned for it’s pan flute music and stunning musicians, but one of the best modern pan flute musicians hails from the opposite side of the globe, in Germany. David Döring taught himself how to play the pan flute, and hasn’t let the traditional styles of music hem him in at all when it comes to producing his own recordings.

In fact, David’s choices of songs range all over the spectrum of music. While he does occasionally play traditional folk music from South America, he also covers music as eclectic as Adele, The Animals, and even a song from the score of Forrest Gump. However, David prefers to focus on creating unique versions of hymns and worship music. His approach resonates with fans, and many of his videos on YouTube have reached over a million views. A few have had many, many more than that!

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