The Only Version Of ‘Stand By Me’ You’ll Ever Want To Hear Again


People have divided themselves on the basis of race, religion or nationality. They try to differentiate themselves, and in the process, they tend to forget that humans are all the same, no matter where they are from. There are a few things that transcend all these forged differences and speak to all of us universally. Music is one of them. Music is a universal language, and it can be understood and loved by everyone no matter which corner of the world they are from.

Playing For Change is musical project that was established by American producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson. The main aim of the organization is to inspire and connect people through music and bring peace to the world through that. The organization has also has a non-profit organization called the Playing For Change Foundation that seeks to build music schools for children around the world. They have put out some stunning performances, and each one is a must watch.

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