When Patrick Swayze Starts To Sing, The Crowd Goes Quiet


About someone saying he’s lucky to be alive, but Patrick Swayze can say that he was born in ballet Slippers. August 18, 1952 in Houston (Texas, USA). Yes, and how could it be otherwise, when his mother – a famous choreographer in America and the owner of a private ballet school?

Of course, the boy became professionally engaged in dance and music. Ambitious and domineering Patsy Swayze hammered in the son confidence-you have to be the first, whatever you do. The best pupil at school, Patrick managed to receive also sports prizes: he perfectly swam, twisted “sun” in a gym, jumped from the highest tower, played football. But at the same time he was a teenager still, completely gentle.

The nickname “Mama’s boy”, backed by the cuffs of his peers and then forced him to tears. At first, our excellent student ran to the saving mother’s breast, but one day Patsy severely said – say, enough to cannulate, learn to stand up for himself. And sent the sissy in the club of martial arts, after which his status in College and on the street when I walked up.

Soon little was left from the previous demure. No, he was not cheeky, rude little, but in everyday life, and on set it when you need hard to protect its interests and the interests of friends.