White-Robed Boys Choir Sings “From A Distance” Through Fog, The Rendition Gives Everyone Chills


These boys are like from another dimension, so pure, so different from the world we see around us every day. Due to the specificity of the vocal apparatus (short and thin vocal cords, small lung capacity, etc.) the boy’s voice differs from the voices of an adult; he is characterized by “high” (head) the sound, the smaller the range, “silver” tone. High voices of boys called the descant, range: from to the first octave La to the second, low voice – Alto, range from Sol, La minor octave d, e flat second octave.

The use of voices in the choir is associated with the age characteristics of children. Votes are divided conditionally into three age groups (age is approximately). First, clean children’s stage from 6 to 9 years old; voices of this group are exclusively (head sound, small range (high octave), a small force from piano to Mezzo-Forte.

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