Willie Nelson & Ray Charles Stun The Crowd With Beautiful ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ Duet


“Seven Spanish Angels” was Ray Charles’ most popular of country songs, there is little wonder why. Getting two music legends as big as Charles and country outlaw superstar Willie Nelson together often produces something incredible, and this time is no different.

The song is a soulful country ballad about undying love and the tragedy of death. Their performance is immaculate as you can feel the emotion pouring out of their voices with every word. Losing Charles was a devastating blow to music lovers everywhere, but they can take comfort in knowing that his legendary music and the influence he left behind will live forever.

Ray Charles. The name alone carries enough power to elicit respect from music enthusiasts worldwide. The soul singer, who had been blind since age seven, was widely referenced as «The Genius» in light of his incredible musical abilities and creations. While Charles was most known for his soulful and jazzy classic, he was also a fan of incorporating other sounds into his compilations, country being one in particular.

As he made his appreciation for country music known, Charles recorded an emotional ballad called «Seven Spanish Angels» with country music outlaw Willie Nelson.

Capturing the tragedy of death, the melody enhances the idea of undying love in this life, as well as the next. The song was not only Charles’ most successful song of a whopping eight country hits, but it also showcased a velvety blend of two voices that, although so different, shared the same desire to tell an emotional story.

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