Willie Nelson sings heartbreaking duet with son before his tragic passing!


I loved this song! I can hear the influence of his father in his voice. He has a fine voice! This is really remarkable at first listening. And then the next time I heard it I really went apey.

This is brilliant!  I have no other words! Very touching and a great voice! Willy Nelson, stay strong and keep up the good fight! You need to watch it!

A video of Willie Nelson and his son singing before his tragic death was just released. I’m in tears. Willie Nelson is one of the greatest country music artists of all time. He has been through a lot throughout his lifetime, but nothing compares to the pain that he felt after his son tragically passed away.

Billy Nelson sings «My Body’s Just a Suitcase for My Soul» accompanied by his father, Willie Nelson. On Christmas Day in 1991, Willie Nelson and his family suffered a great loss that shocked the country music world, as the legend’s eldest son, William Hugh Nelson Jr., had passed away.

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