Woman Debuts “Playground” Performance, Leaves Audience Completely Awestruck


There’s a reason why they say we learn something new every day – and today’s interesting factoid is that competitive jump roping is a thing! Adrienn Banhegyi is an international champion artist at jumping rope. Her breathtaking ability to keep rhythm to the music, maintain her balance and showcase her creativity has brought joy to many audiences around the world. It’s no wonder how Adrienn is able to make a living with her art and has been selected to perform with world-renowned troupes such as Cirque du Soleil.

Even though Adrienn is famous for her niche sport within the industry, most people don’t know that she actually jumped competitively for 15 years and holds two world records. In addition to that prestigious honor, Adrienn won the World and European Jump Rope Competitions several times! Aside from her artistry with Cirque du Soleil, she also makes time in her busy schedule for shorter performances and is a physical education teacher in her free time.

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