Woman Impresses Judges With Opera But Brings The House Down When Music Changes To Rock N’ Roll


The television talent show, “America’s Got Talent” has finally reached the live shows. Now, after each episode, the viewing audience can pick their favorites, and it is their votes that will determine which acts move forward from week to week. I’ve already chosen my favorites, which include a few singers, a comedian, one clown, and a very talented young ventriloquist. The truth is, there are never enough spots for all of the acts that I enjoy, and in the end, only one act can win. It is the drama of watching new talent emerge that keeps these shows fresh and interesting.

With its popular format of auditions, cuts, and finally, live finals that the audience votes on, “America’s Got Talent” has shown up all over the globe with similar talent competitions. One of those is “Spain’s Got Talent” which recently featured the audition of a young woman named Cristina Ramos.

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