Woman Sings Hauntingly Beautiful Song, But It’s How Cows Respond That’s Impossible To Ignore


Long ago, women would call their cattle home to the farmstead at night by employing a beautiful yet hauntingly chilling technique. The ancient Swedish herding call is called “kulning.” It utilizes a high-pitched song of sorts that can be heard far distances. The cows would graze on high mountain pastures and on the land between their home and nearby villages, but would recognize their master’s voice and head back home. People would hear their clanging cowbells and know they were just meandering about until returning to their respective farm. No fences inhibit these cows and can keep them in one place during the day.

One young woman, Jonna Jinton, left city life and college to live in a cabin in the woods north of Sweden. That’s where she practices the art of kulning to call her cows home. One bright summer’s night, she ventured out to the pasture to call for the cows and was videotaped creating the most beautiful sounds.

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