Woman Starts Singing In Church, Then Husband Joins In And The Duet Goes Viral


It’s Christmas time so you know that all your favorite artists will be coming out with beautiful Christmas songs to celebrate the holiday season. One group that takes their Christmas music seriously is The Hound + The Fox.

The Hound + The Fox is a McKenzie and Reilly Zamber, a husband and wife duo from Grants Pass, OR that has been together for mor3e than five years.
Once the couple was married, they created a YouTube page to share their music for others to enjoy and ended up getting a reaction from people around the world.

“We love to both write our own original songs and to do new and unique covers of some of our favorites,” their Facebook page reads. “As video producers ourselves at FifGen Films and Second Look, we are passionate about the visuals that go along with each production. We hope that you will see and hear this passion we have for our art!”

One song that their fans recently fell in love with was their mash-up rendition of “What Child Is This?,” a Christmas carol written by Williams Chatterson Dix, and “Child of the Poor.”

Their video ended up going viral and was viewed more than 64,663 times on YouTube in just over a month. Their two voice come together in perfect harmony and blend together beautifully.

And it’s beautiful to see how their love for each other translates into their music.

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