Woman Stuck At Airport Overnight After Missing Flight


AmericanMasjidwas late for her very important flight at the airport in Charlotte (North Carolina), but did not despair and shot a dance video together with the staff and passengers of the airport. The video is published on YouTube.

The girl decided to wrap the heavy night at the airport in their favor, so arranged a dance with the airport staff and people waiting for their flight. “I missed the flight, but did not get angry because of being late, so I did what made me happier-I danced!”- said in the caption to the video. To young girl joined the guards, Barista in cafes and the other serving personnel.

As musical accompaniment, the girl chose the song Lionel Richie All Night Long, 1983. Masjid noted that she found a lot of friends and thanked everyone for “dancing out” the problems with her. One of the airport staff said that the behavior of the girl and the reaction to it from the airport staff brings the service of the air Harbor to a new level.

“I didn’t want to sit in anger all night, instead I implemented what makes me happier … Danced!”- writes the girl under the video on YouTube. Video All Night Long at the Airport has collected more than a million views. She is absolutely adorable, wish I had such a sense of humor.