Woman Teaches How Cut A Cake


The process of cutting a cake may seem simple enough for most and when we picture cake cutting, we tend to imagine the traditional serving knife that is used to cut pieces that are given to revelers in a triangular shape. While this technique has worked well for some time, there is an even easier method to use that allows you to cut a far more even slice.

We all know that the job of cutting a cake can be stressful and when this crucial duty is bestowed upon you, there is a lot of pressure involved. If you’ve ever been yelled at for giving certain people larger pieces of cake while others seem to end up with little bitty slivers, this hack will help you to avoid these types of issues once and for all going forward.

Making sure that everyone gets the fairest slice possible is very important and this is not something that you can afford to mess up. This is serious business, after all. The best way to create a useful cutting guideline is by taking a regular bowl from the kitchen to give yourself a helpful compass for navigating your way around the cake.

This hack originated on the Rachael Ray show and she is more than happy to demonstrate the usefulness of this trick and if you needed any further confirmation of its awesomeness, it is important to remember that this is the very same hack that various caterers and high class restaurant chefs use on an everyday basis in order to create those perfect slices that you see when dining out.

The bowl that you choose for this task should be placed directly in the cake’s center and allow for a few extra inches of space on the outer edge. Of course, the bowl that you use and the manner in which you use it will depend upon the size of the cake that you wish to cut, so please be sure to bear this important fact in mind when you take the time to use this trick.

If you would like to learn more about this hack from the expert herself, then take a moment to check out this video from Rachael’s show. While we can certainly describe it to you, you are going to need to watch the video in order to experience the full effect. Once you have seen this clip for yourself, pass it along to the rest of your friends and family members.