Woman Watches Man’s Piano Skills


When a man sat down at a piano at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, he treated spectators to quite a sight. Dressed much like a character from Newsies, this pianist slid onto the piano bench and unleashed a groovy boogie woogie song that had toes tapping and people whipping out their phones to record the impromptu performance.

The woman who sat next to him roused the crowd, clapping her hands and cheering her pal along as he played. Everyone standing around was really enjoying the lively performance.

Then all of a sudden, the woman says “I want in on this!” She spins around on the piano bench and adds her musical talent to the melody for an upbeat, perky two-part harmony.

They are absolutely rocking at the keyboard when she suddenly thrust her left hand onto the piano keys and together the two of them tickle the ivories. After all, four hands are better than two.

This duet sounds absolutely amazing! They roll out a few mind-boggling tricks, too.

They cross their hands while playing without missing a beat and even stand up to switch spots on the piano bench while never once ceasing to play or slowing down. Boogie woogie music is a genre that exploded in popularity in the late 1920s.

This fun and upbeat music also is closely associated with dancing. One of the earliest boogie woogie song’s lyrics actually contained instructions to dancers how to follow along and what moves to use.

While these two talented pianists in the video below may not be able to dance at the moment, the motivating music they’re cranking out sure does make you want to groove. They are awesome to not just listen to, but also watch!