Woman’s So Nervous She’s Almost In Tears. Moments Later, Opens Her Mouth And Stuns The Room


Some people were born for the spotlight – exuding boldness, confidence, and fearlessness no matter the life situation. These are the people who take on life’s challenges with strength, letting nothing stand in their way. And then you have those who lack that assertiveness and courage, happily living their lives “behind the scenes.” Meet 23-year-old Emma Jones. Emma, although lovely and undoubtedly talented, does not exude confidence and courage. As Emma makes her way nervously onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, she swallows hard and peers out into the large crowd. It is obvious to the judges that Emma is painfully afraid.

After asking the normal pre-audition questions, Simon asks, “Why have you entered the show?” To which Emma sweetly responds, “I just um, want to just give it a try and see if you like my voice.” Simon, knowing that this timid young woman is having an incredibly difficult time standing on stage in front of such a large crowd, asks if she is nervous.

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