Wonderful stuff! 2 of the best dancers in action: Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell!


We just enjoy every their performance! The thing that amazes us most about Astaire is that he was still dancing well in his 40’s & 50’s. Most of the young generation dancers these days who are featured are in their late teens and into their twenties (unless it’s «Dancing with the Scars»).

Frank Sinatra: You’ll never see the likes of this again. Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell are two of the most well known dancers in the world, and when they team up, it’s epic. The clip above is from the movie Broadway Melody of 1940, and shows one of the greatest dance sequences of all time. Its even narrated by the legendary Frank Sinatra!

The two minute sequence is all one shot, and every move they make is perfectly executed. Its no wonder why they are considered the best! Not long after this performance, Astaire moved away from dancing with a partner so he could shine solo. Check out these legendary dancers in the video above! Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in one of the greatest tap dance performances ever filmed.

M-G-M always had more money than taste, and they never let you forget it for a second. The studio crammed its fourth “Broadway Melody” with seven blockbuster numbers, which range from obscene to exceptional, including the super-duper quadruple-scooper finale “Begin the Beguine,” perhaps the most deliciously overripe concoction ever to hit the silver screen.

As if that wasn’t enough, the producers also shoved in three specialty numbers, which range from atrocious to abominable, with a stop-off at abysmal along the way. So strap on your seatbelts, kids, it’s going to be a bumpy flight. Fred Astaire, fresh from seven years of triumph at RKO, sometimes rode triumphantly atop the M-G-M juggernaut and sometimes was crushed beneath its wheels. Fred was definitely the new kid on the lot.

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