Wow! Patsy Cline’s long-lost Christmas song!


What a voice this lady has. Love it so much! Here is a real Christmas chiming sound, that makes me hum happily!

This is a song that country music star Patsy Cline commissioned but never got to record in its original form. That version has been recorded and released by Grammy-balloted singer/songwriter, Luanne Hunt. The weeks leading up to Christmas are getting busier and busier. All of the presents still have to be bought, wrapped, and put underneath the Christmas tree. Dinner and dessert still have to be planned. This time of the year can get so busy that it’s sometimes hard to enjoy the magic of the season.

If you need to get back into the Christmas spirit then you need to check out Patsy Cline’s long-lost Christmas song. Patsy Cline is one of the most legendary figures in country music. Her music continues to inspire artists from all genres and all walks of life. Award-winning singer-songwriter Luanne Hunt came across this song and was so inspired that she recorded her own version.

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