Young Girl’s Rendition Of Queen’s Megahit Has Judges Flying Out Of Their Seats


Jessica R was ready to rock her audition on The Voice Kids UK. After years of singing with her family, it was finally time to show the world her talent. With the perfect song selected and an air of confidence, Jessica stepped onto the stage and let loose. No one could’ve expected her rendition of “Somebody to Love” to be so powerful – especially since she’s just 13 years old!

When Freddie Mercury and the other members of Queen teamed up for “Somebody to Love,” no one had a clue that it would be such a hit. They wanted to create a song about faith, love, and confusion of moving through life all while including a sound that would be like a huge chorus at their back. The song was recorded in the early months of 1976 and released to the world later that year. Almost immediately after “Somebody to Love” hit the shelves, it rose to the top of the charts. While it hit the top spot in Europe, the track reached number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The popularity of “Somebody to Love” today is one of the reasons why musicians young and old try their hand! It’s also why Jessica R decided to use the song for her blind audition on The Voice Kids UK.

As soon as Jessica started singing, all of the judges perked up. This performance clearly wasn’t like the other auditions! In a flash, two of the judges whipped their chairs around and cheered on Jessica as she sung her way through the difficult song. At the very last second, the third judge decided her voice was too good to pass up on, and he turned around too! Listen to Jessica’s breathtaking version of “Somebody to Love” for yourself in the clip below. We know she’ll go far in the music industry!