Young girl sings a difficult song


There are some songs that always stand the test of time, no matter what. The lyrics or the music of the song can stay with you for a really long time. Dolly Parton, who is known as a legend in country music, was also a gifted songwriter. She wrote the epic song, “I Will Always Love You” when parting with her longtime partner. But the song really took off when Whitney Houston released her own cover of the song.

Among her other hits, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston is perhaps her most recognized and loved song. Her stunning and masterful control over her strong voice is impeccably displayed in this particular song.

She is an icon in the singing world, and almost every aspiring singer wants to someday be able to sing this particular song and hit all the high notes.

The 11 year old girl in this video is no exception. Meet Serena Rigacci, from Pisa, Italy. She got onstage and left the crowd totally dazzled with her amazing take on the classic Whitney Houston song. She was able to ail every note flawlessly, and has everyone on their feet! Despite being Italian, her enunciation with this song was simply amazing.

Despite being so young, this performance by this little girl was a sight to behold indeed!