Young Girls Form A Line


Traditional Irish dancing is a skill that not many people can claim. But these little ladies are talented beyond belief and ready to show the world just how complicated their new routine is!

With the music bumping and camera rolling, they line up behind each other. Then in a flash, they’re moving across the floor in a way that would make the creators of Irish dancing proud!

While the exact history of traditional Irish dancing is murky, many people claim that it was created in the 16th century and was an integral part of the nation’s history. After the Irish dancing became a way of life, many traveling troupes began to sweep the country, sharing their exceptional skill, dancing on tabletops and spreading cheer everywhere they stopped.

Nowadays, Irish dancing is a way to honor one’s heritage and demonstrate exceptional footwork and balance. These little ladies are an excellent example of a Irish dancing troupe that knows how to jig with the best of them.

The music plays on as the girl step, jump and twirl around the dancefloor. Each routine takes countless hours of practice and they’re finally ready to show the world the fruits of their hard work.

That’s why their video has garnered more than 1 million views since it was posted online. Everyone around the world wants to see their skills and is fascinated by their sharp Irish dancing.

Their culturally authentic costumes are elaborately detailed and colorfully adorned with embellishments. Their feet are fleeting and footwork is impressive.

Not only do they execute linework and stationary moves, but their partnering is perfect, too. The music will get you motivated.

Take a peek for yourself in the video below. It’s clear to see that they have a bright future in the Irish dance industry ahead of them!