Young Singer Captures the Hearts with Wonderful Rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’.


To date, various talent shows are very popular. These projects help novice talents to become famous not only in their native country, but throughout the world. And these projects can become a launching pad for development in the future. People like to watch amazing performances. That’s why these shows are very popular. It must be said that it is very interesting for people to watch how children play in the competitions of such a plan.

Kids always show incredible emotions that touch the hearts of viewers. Children’s programs are specially rated and always collect a lot of spectators on the screens. The hero of our today’s publication is a young boy named Jeffrey Li. He was able to impress all the judges with his amazing vocal data. His beautiful voice won the audience.

As part of his performance, he sang the song of the Irish-Norwegian duet ‘Secret Garden’. Popularity to the song came after it was performed by singer Josh Groban. And two years later the song was sung by the boy-band ‘Westlife’. Initially, this song was written under the title ‘Silent story’. It was written many covers by different artists.

At the end of 2005, about 80 versions were submitted to the audience, only in America. Josh Groban was born in 1981, in the family of Lindsay and Jack Groban. At the moment he is considered one of the most sought-after artists in the US – he actively gives solo concerts, is shot in films. Josh was twice nominated for a Grammy Award, in his arsenal has one Emmy award and many others.

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