Youngster Buys Painting For $2. Months Later, Receives Astonishing News About His Discovery


We all have hobbies. Some people have thrill seeking interests such as skydiving, mountain climbing, or surfing – while others prefer quieter activities like reading or cooking.

And then, you have those who enjoy both. If you’re someone who enjoys adventure as well as calm, then perhaps “antiquing” is your chosen hobby.

The “hunt” for antique treasures is certainly therapeutic, while the jackpot “finds” are without-a-doubt electrifying! On an episode of Antiques Roadshow, one of the youngest collectors the show has ever seen received the thrill of a lifetime…

The boy brought a painting he had stumbled across to the appraisal experts of Antiques Roadshow – a painting he purchased for a mere two dollars. While sitting across the table from David Weiss, the boy explains that he enjoys collecting and selling glass, sterling silver, and art.

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